Strathearn Health & Beauty have a dedicated fully qualified team of Doctors, Technicians and Practitioners that excel in all treatments.  We assure you that our experienced team can help you address your concerns and help towards the new you.

We have a wide array of treatments and procedures from surgical to non-surgical treatments with; Facial aesthetics, Body aesthetics, Skin rejuvenation and Hair regeneration, Minor surgery lesion removals, weight management programs and top of the range laser treatments.

Strathearn are committed to the pursuit of new and innovative products / treatments that are on the market. 

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Our Clinic Treatments


1-2lbs or more per week.

One to one consultation.

Qualified doctors.

Calorie controlled.

Up to 12 weeks.


Hair Removal.

Tattoo Removal.

Skin Rejuvenation.

Fungal Nail Removal.

Pigmentation Removal.

Red/Thread Vein Removal.


Facial Lines & Wrinkle

Consultations and Treatments

Dermal Fillers:-

Helping to improve lip

& facial volume.


PRP, (Platelet Rich Plasma) Facial

PRP, (Platelet Rich Plasma) Hair care.

Improving lines & wrinkles and hair thinning problems (alopcia).


Carboxy a natural gas, for under eyes. lines, stretch marks & cellulite.


Mole Removal.

Cyst Removal.

Skin Tag Removal.

Fully Qualified Surgeon.

Lab Testing Optional.


Red LED light, accelerates healing

response and collagen production.

Blue LED light, treats Acne and congested Skin.

Red & Blue LED light combination

for sensitive and problematic skin.