You wouldn't let your dentist remove a mole!

So why let an unqualified/unregistered person

do your facial injections?


The UK has seen a dramatic rise in the number of Cosmetic Filler/Injection disasters. This is due to the readily available products imported from overseas. These imported products are not certified for UK use, and are "unknown and extremely dangerous substances"


Are they reputable and qualified aesthetics practitioners?

Do not assume that all practitioners are fully trained and experienced in aesthetics.

Always ensure that your practitoner can verify the credentials they claim.


Are you getting approved products from UK companies by pharamacists?

Inferior quality products imported from overseas have not been tested thouroughly to UK standards and pose significant rist of injury or permenant disfigurement.


Have you had a consultation?

Expectations should be realisic and clearly explained

You should not be pressured into a sale at the consultation stage.

Have you been given time to think?

Reputable practitioners should give clients a 14 day grace period to consider the procedure.

Don't be fooled by "offers ending soon", "book now to avoid dissapointment" or "we are very busy but can fit you in..."


So you have decided to proceed with treatment?

Please refer to our handy guide to help you decide on the right practitioner for you

Is the practitioner carrying out the procedure the same practitioner who conducted the consultation? Ensure they are aesthetics trained medical professionals

Are all of the credentials of the practitioner legitimate and up to date? Remember to check reviews of the practitioner and if they are governed by Health Improvement Scotland

Will the procedure be carried out in a sterile environment? Be wary of mobile practitioners and home visits as this is not a suitable environment for clinical procedures

Is the product being used certified and from a trusted UK supplier? Avoid generic brands and brands with no official packaging

What volume of product are you getting? Some practitioners only use part of the product you have paid for then use the rest for another client

Are you getting the full amount you are paying for? Ensure the full syringe and product is used. Any surplus should be disposed of immediately in a sharps waste bin.

Are all products and equipment still boxed and sealed in manufacturers packaging? Be wary of pre-prepared syringes. All products should be prepared in front of the client.

Has all pre and post procedure information been supplied? Responsible practitioners will supply detailed information and have a dedicated client file.