Laser Skin Rejuvenation

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Laser Skin Rejuvenation Before Treatment & After Treatment

How to get your glowing skin back again.

Skin Photo-Rejuvenation treatment for anyone that wants their skin to look younger, fresher and keep the ageing signs to a minimum.

Hectic lifestyle and the natural ageing process, especially without adequate precautions such as avoiding smoking and excessive sun exposure, could cause premature skin aging. This condition usually leads to the appearance of wrinkles, spots and facial vascular lesions as a result. The laser treatment stimulates the skin to regenerate itself without using medicines.

There are various facial rejuvenation treatments available, most have disadvantages of both discomfort and downtime, with the Duetto Photo-Rejuvenation treatment is ideal for skin rejuvenation, wide range of skin issues including sun damage, with minimum downtime.

What is skin rejuvenation?

Skin Rejuvenation is a gentle relaxing procedure which can help improve the signs of ageing mainly caused by sun damage which results in loss of elasticity. The presence of dilated capillaries, sun induced pigmentation changes and wrinkles can all be reduced. Laser rejuvenation allows us to address the aspects of premature ageing promoting elasticity, skin laxity, skin texture and reduces the appearance of fine lines and mild to moderate wrinkling. The treatment stimulates cells within the skin that produce collagen & elastic.

What can i expect from skin rejuvenation?

  • Softer, smoother & more radiant skin
  • Less visible pores, helps treat acne & atrophic scars
  • Some softening of static lines
  • Small improvement in dyschromia (i.e. alteration to colour the skin)
  • Skin Tightening

Will I be suitable for treatment?

Most clients are suitable unless there is fake tan or suntan present in the area.

Does the treatment hurt?

Treatment is usually pain free; you can feel the build up of warmth coming from the laser which can leave the skin slightly red afterwards. This usually calms down very quickly.

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How does it work?

Skin Photo-Rejuvenation works by bypassing the surface of the skin treating the layers underneath, known as the papillary dermis. Enabling the skin to regenerate, responding quite naturally in the same way as it would repair a wound. Alexandrite755 nano laser combined with long & short pulse. Nd:Yag1064 nanometre laser.

Laser Skin Rejuvenation

How long does results last?

Each treatment is carried out 2-3 weeks apart, 6 treatments is recommended for best results. More treatments may be required depending on the clients skin and expectations. Some client's even after one treatment feel the difference of a smoother looking skin.