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"The second biggest preventable

cause of cancer: being overweight"

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Whether it’s improving your health, self-esteem or confidence our weight loss treatment will help to manage, encourage and support you throughout the treatment.

Weight gain can happen to many people which can lead to loss of confidence. Most of us would like to lose our excess weight quickly, but by losing weigh gradually (1-2lbs per week) you are more likely to keep the weigh off. Having even a small (5-10 percent body weight) weight loss can improve your health, such as blood pressure, blood sugars, energy, and cholesterol while helping to improve your confidence.

At Strathearn Health & Beauty it’s about lifestyle changes not diets, our doctors and staff understand how difficult it can be to reduce the weight. With over 18 years experience in weight loss treatment, we have successfully treated many patients over the years. Our clinic offers one to one private consultations to all our patients for weight loss, no need to worry about getting weighed in front of a crowd.

How do I start on the weight loss treatment?

You will need to phone the clinic who will ask a few questions regarding your health and BMI. The will explain the main points of the treatment. If they feel you may be suitable for the treatment they could then book you an appointment with the clinic doctor.

What will happen when I come to the clinic for the first time on my appointment?

One of the medical staff will have a brief discussion with you regarding the treatment. You will then be asked to fill in a medical form for the doctor. You will be asked to supply a urine sample within the clinic toilet after which you will be taken through to one of the medical rooms to test your urine (dip sticks) and cholesterol testing. During this time one of the clinic medical staff will go through a few things with you about the treatment. After this you will be taken through to see the clinic doctor for a one to one consultation.

What happens during my consultation with the clinic doctor?

The doctor will discuss your health questioner form with you and do further health checks. Your weight, BMI and blood pressure will also be taken (if required ECG test but is rare). The clinic doctor will talk with you about the weight loss treatment and what weight loss he would expect you to lose per week, any medication that maybe required will also be discussed including side effects, information sheet and how to take the medication. You will also be given starter information about the weight loss treatment. You will be given a return appointment to see the clinic doctor again including weight loss treatments checks. All weight loss treatment can only be carried out by our clinic doctors.

What is the medication?

The medication is to help suppress the appetite only dispensed by the clinic doctors to patients that are suitable and under UK guide lines. The clinic doctors write a prescription and supply the medication through the clinic. The medication is made in the UK by major drug manufacturer.

What happens after my first appointment?

After your first appointment you will be given a return appointment date and time. All weight loss patients can come into the clinic to be weighed when the clinic is opened but for further clinical checks or any medication must be completed by the clinic doctor.

The programme runs consistently for up to 12 weeks. During this time you are given support and information by the clinic doctors and medical staff. We recommend to all patients after losing the weight to regularly attend the clinic for weight check only.

Some of the criteria for the weight loss treatment are:-

  • Body Mass Index (BMI) must be above 27.
  • If using the appetite suppressant as part of the treatment patients cannot be on any medication that may contradict (example anti-depressants for depression, tranquilizers, any blood thinning medication or diabetes type 1) these are only some of the examples.

When you have achieved your healthy weight, we encourage all our patients to attend the clinic regularly to check their weigh.

Weight Management

  • Lose up to 2lbs or more per week
  • Calorie weight management
  • One to one consultations
  • Fully qualified doctors
  • Helps curb appetite
  • Helps to reduce your food bill
  • Helps to stop picking and snacking
  • Support during your treatment and after

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