PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Hair Rejuvenation is a revolutionary natural treatment which uses your own body's healthy platelets to stimulate hair growth.

Who Can Get PRP Hair Rejuvenation?

We recommend anyone who wishes to fight the effects of thinning hair or simply want to give their hair lusterous volume.

Is It Safe?

Yes! PRP Hair Rejuvenation uses only the healthy cells from your own body, which means that not only is it safe, but it is also 100% natural and more importantly, because it uses only your own healthy platelets, there is no chance of the body rejecting the treatment.

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Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Natural Hair Care Treatment

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Hair Rejuvenation. This is a revolutionary natural treatment which harvests your own blood platelets to stimulate hair growth.

What is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)?

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy is a medical treatment, long established as a treatment for healing wounds, and also now used in aesthetics.

Platelets contain a high content of “growth factors”. Upon injection into the treatment area, platelets release their growth factors which trigger surrounding cells to proliferate, in turn stimulating hair thinning areas.

By stimulating stem cells and other cells in the inactive hair follicle this activates the growth area. Helps people who suffer with alopecia or thinning hair. Clients using the treatment for hair thinning problems will see a fuzz or thickening of hair even after just one treatment. PRP treatment not only promotes hair growth, it also strengthens hair follicles. PRP hair treatment works on clients that have problems with thinning hair. 

PRP is one of the safest non-invasive procedures available in the market today, using cells from your own body therefore there can be no allergic reaction. It’s the only treatment of this type that can be injected without fear of any adverse effects. Safe and natural Walk-in Walk-out procedure, with minimal disruption to your life.

What happens during your PRP treatment?

This is similar to a sample of blood been drawn from your arm for a blood test.

  • Blood is drawn into a tube containing an anticoagulant and a separating gel.
  • The tube is then spun in a centrifuge, producing the clear yellow plasma at the top of the tube.
  • Red blood cells which cause inflammation are trapped effectively below.
  • Only the clear yellow platelet rich plasma will be injected in.

After treatment:-,

Injection pin pricks may be seen, and there may be some moderate swelling from the injection areas which soon subsides. Occasionally there may be some bruising due to the injecting process. Over the days and weeks following treatment, growth factors are released by the platelets stimulating the hair growth.

Are the results from PRP immediate?

PRP treatment takes time to gradually correct the affected area. In some people they will see an effect within 7 days but studies have shown it takes 6 weeks to see the full effect. Your PRP consultation is with our fully qualified certificated doctor who will talk about your expectations and explain in full how the treatment works, side effects, what to expect and the PRP treatment procedure. The PRP doctor will also answer any questions you may have regarding the PRP treatment.


How many treatments will I require?

Each treatment is carried out once every six weeks apart, patients may require 3-6 treatments. As with most procedures that use needles some patients will experience redness, swelling or bruising which normally subsides within 24-48 hours some patients may take longer depending on their healing process. Full pre and post treatment sheet is given at the time of consultation. We advise all clients to increase the intake of Vitamin C and water, and avoidance of stimulants such as coffee, alcohol and cigarettes prior to a treatment.