Weight Loss Programme
Change For Life
Initial Consultation per programme £65
12 Week Programme £325
Weight Programme Payment
Interest FREE option
One to one consultation,
2lbs+ weight loss per week.
Helps curb appetite,
Calorie controlled.
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For Facial Lines & Wrinkles
Doctor Consultation £30
Botox £229
Bocouture £199
Lip Fillers £255
Facial Fillers £249
Consultations & treatment carried out by doctor.
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Surgical Lesion Removal
Mole, Cyst and Skin Tag Removal
Surgeon Consultation £125
Mole Removal (per lesion) £195
Cyst Removal (per lesion) £195
Skin Tag Removal (up to 4 per session) £195
Lab Testing (optional for up to 2 lesions) £150
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Natural Treatments
Facial, Hair Care and Body Treatments
Treatment Per session
Initial Doctor Consultation £30
PRP Facial 1 Vial £279
PRP Hair Care 1 Vial £279
Carboxy Eye/Facial per area £45
Carboxy Mummy Tummy £120
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Laser Tattoo Removal
Safe and Effective (p/s)
Treatment Per Session
3x3cm sq per area £29
4 to 8cm sq per area £55
9 to 15cm sq per area £115
16 to 20cm sq per area £169
Initial Patch Test Per Area £15
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Other Laser Treatments
Various Laser Treatments
Treatment Per session
Fungal Nail Removal £49
Facial Rejuvenation £49
Thread/Red Vein Removal up to 2cm per vein
Pigment Removal up to 2cm by 2cm per area £69
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Laser Hair Removal April Offers
Laser Hair Removal April Offers